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ME/CFS Research Register

Welcome!​ The ME/CFS Research Register provides an overview of medical research on ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). It contains lists and detailed descriptions of research projectsworking groupspublications, and scientific events. All entries are linked with people (researchers and clinicians), organisations, and research networks connected to ME/CFS research. Further links to research areas and research types provide additional context. For more details, please read our announcement.

A summarized report of the register's data can be found on our website: ME/CFS Research Update. The current scope of the ME/CFS Research Register (beta version) includes research conducted in Germany and Austria. More countries will be added in the future, depending on our resources.

The register's data is carefully curated, regularly updated, and provided without any guarantees. Should you find gaps or errors, please use the feedback form to let us know. And please support our work for more biomedical research on ME/CFS!