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Occurence and Characterization of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Berlin Subcohort of the Population-Based NAPKON-POP (COVIDOM) Study


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Project description

Around 10% of all SARS-CoV-2 infected people suffer from persistent symptoms in the sense of post-COVID syndrome for more than three months after the infection. Some of these patients meet the diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS. To date, validated data on the frequency and risk factors for ME/CFS after COVID-19 are lacking. Detailed data on symptoms, laboratory parameters, neurological, pneumological and cardiological examinations are available for the Berlin COVIDOM/NAPKON-POP cohort (n=302). Study participants with suspected fatigue (screening questionnaire) were offered further diagnostics at the Charité Fatigue Center at the Charité - University Medicine Berlin, and further fatigue-related data were collected. In addition to estimating the frequency of ME/CFS in the cohort, this enables the comparison of ME/CFS sufferers both with people with only mild symptoms and with fully recovered study participants.

(Description adapted from project website: see link above)

Patient cohort

Post-COVID ME/CFS according to Canadian Consensus Criteria (CCC), compared with patients with mild post-COVID Syndrome (PCS) and recovered, healthy controls.

Patients enrolled: 302

Age group: ≥ 18 years (Adults)

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