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Development of Diagnostic Tests to Detect Autoantibodies in CFS


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Immunological dysfunction
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Project description

In recent years, autoantibodies against G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) have been identified in a number of diseases. The investigators could demonstrate elevated and functionally altered ß-adrenergic autoantibodies in a subgroup of patients with ME/CFS. Previous functional tests are not suitable as a clinical diagnostic test due to the lack of standardization. Protein-based ELISAs for GPCR autoantibodies are available but have lower sensitivity than functional assays. In this project the investigators try to develop more sensitive and specific diagnostic tests for the detection of GPCR antibodies on the platform of a cytometric bead array. Furthermore, they analyse the function of GPCR antibodies.

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Age group: 18 - 75 years (Adults)

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Research areas

Immunological dysfunction
Immune system is the body's defense mechanism against foreign organisms or substances and deviant native cells. It includes the humoral immune response and the cell-mediated response and consists of a complex of interrelated cellular, molecular, and genetic components. Diseases of the immune system are disorders caused by abnormal or absent immunologic mechanisms, whether humoral, cell-m...
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