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Establishing Immunological Assays for the Diagnostics of ME/CFS


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Immunological dysfunction
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Project description

Based on initial research results from single-cell RNA sequencing of a DFG-funded study, identified immune deviations and cell-typical signatures will be examined using quantitative real-time PCR and flow cytometry in post-COVID Syndrome (PCS) patients, with and without ME/CFS, and other post-infectious ME/CFS patients through subsequent correlation analyses. Corresponding clinical parameters will be investigated regarding whether the identified immune deviations have pathomechanistic relevance and whether selected biomarkers are suitable for diagnostics. The goals set out under this projects hence include:

A) Confirmation of the changes in immune cell compositions using flow cytometry, especially in T-cell natural killer cells, and monocyte populations,

B) Analysis of the immune cell-specific or immune cell-crossing expression of proteins using flow cytometry and functional assays,

C) Analysis of gene expression in immune cells using quantitative real-time PCR,

D) Comparative studies of patients with PCSs, with and without ME/CFS, post-infectious ME/CFS and healthy controls,

E) Correlation analyses of results with disease severity and symptoms, and

F) Examination of diagnostic relevance of selected biomarkers.

(Description adapted from project website: see link above)

Patient cohort

Post-COVID Syndrome (PCS), including post-COVID ME/CFS, and post-infectious ME/CFS compared with healthy controls.

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