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Care Model for Patients with ME/CFS (CFS_CARE)


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Epidemiological research
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General, Mental health
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Project description

The CFS_CARE study features a treatment concept currently not provided within standard care. After patients have made an appointment with the outpatient clinic, they will be invited for a speacialised CFS consultation. As part of the study, patient will be provided with comprehensive diagnostics and therapy recommendations.

Patients have the option to participate in a stationary rehabilitation programme, as part of the study. Patients are first asked to answer questionnaires about their health, symptoms of illness, activity and fitness levels as well as mental health. During the CFS consultation, patients will receive further information, ongoing examinations and a diagnosis. Further support takes place in close coordination with patients's general practitioners. For some of the patients, the study investigators provide in-patient therapy at the Clinic Bavaria Kreischa. As part of CFS_CARE, the clinic is developing a rehabilitation concept for patients with ME/CFS. During the rehabilitation, individual analysis is carried out to asses patients' ability to work and, if applicable, introduce job or activity adjustments. The course of treatment received as part of the study will be recorded with the help of questionnaires and follow-up visits.

The CFS_CARE approach will be tested in 120 CFS patients and compared with 120 patients in a control group who are treated on an outpatient basis only (according to the current standard of care).

(Description adapted from project website: see link above)

Patient cohort

Patients with ME/CFS diagnosis or suspicion of ME/CFS.

Patients enrolled: 240

Age group: ≥ 18 years (Adults)

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